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Why Dinan?

Dinan’s passion for BMWs is easily identified through their commitment to creating and producing the most innovative and performance driven BMW products available. BMW enthusiasts turn to Dinan because they know their performance upgrades outperform the rest of the BMW aftermarket industry. Customers turn to Dinan when they want performance: if you have a specific BMW upgrade in mind, chances are they can make it happen. Dinan is also the only company that offers BMW performance products through the BMW dealership network. 

Dinan engineers are skilled at finding ways to get the best out of each BMW model that comes to market. With 35 years of working with BMW, they operate with the understanding that BMWs are more than just vehicles to their owners. The long, rich history of the BMW brand perpetuates a sense of passion into each BMW driver, arguably more than any other automotive brand. Dinan understands this passion and uses it to offer comprehensive and individualized BMW performance upgrades to our beloved BMW drivers. They create top of the line BMW solutions, with vast amounts of research and development behind every part they produce. Dinan’s BMW upgrades take a BMW from great to exceptional, and come with the best warranty in the BMW aftermarket industry. Dinan matches the BMW factory warranty – giving customers peace of mind for their 4 year or 50,000-mile new car warranty. BMW and Dinan are extremely proud of their work together and we at BMW of Darien can’t wait for you to experience the Dinan difference. 

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What Kinds of Parts Does Dinan Carry?

Dinan engineers and develop a multitude of performance solutions. In fact there are way too many to list and give them the credence they deserve. However the most popular Dinan product lines consist of…


Dinan Performance Software & Dinantronics

Dinan’s world renowned BMW performance software is how Dinan’s brand was built and continues to thrive. While there are other tuning companies out there, Dinan knows there is more to a tune than just a powerful boost. Power needs to transition smoothly and predictably to make your BMW from BMW of Darien as fun to drive on open roads as coasting around town. Dinan’ software elevates your BMW’s performance with new found acceleration and speed.

Dinan Exhaust Systems

Dinan’s exhaust products improve exhaust flow by reducing back pressure, giving your BMW increased power and a terrific sporty sound. All Dinan exhaust systems are made with stainless steel to give the rough resonance, featuring black or polished tips to ensure they look just as good as they sound.


Dinan Cold Air Intakes

BMW engines need oxygen rich air to perform at maximum capacity. Dinan’s Cold Air Intakes collect the cooler air from outside your BMW’s engine compartment and influxes it directly to the engine in greater quantities than the stock setup allows for. This increases the amount of air your engine will yearn for once pushed to produce more power. Your BMW’s engine will come alive and reward you with uninhibited world-class power.


Suspension Systems

Dinan’s suspension systems provide much more than just a lower ride. Upgraded cornering ability, a lower center of gravity, and integrated form and function give your BMW handling that could perform in any world-class racing circuit.



Dinan Intercoolers

Intercoolers are important for your BMW to reduce the temperature of air that has been compressed via your turbocharger. Dinan’s intercoolers improve the amount of air that can be cooled while also increasing the density of the air, giving your BMW’s engine more oxygen rich air. This improved airflow significantly improves the engies ability to produce maximum power.



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