BMW Encore Delivery Appointment Program

The Ultimate Driving Machine Deserves The Ultimate Ownership Experience

Introducing the BMW Encore Program

With BMW Encore, you can bring your vehicle back with an appointment and we will re-examine your vehicle's features with you!
Now that you have had time to experience your BMW, you may have developed questions. As part of our Commitment to Excellence in Client Care, BMW of Darien invites you to return to our center for a custom appointment with one of our BMW Geniuses for a special ENCORE Visit, so that we may offer you a further product explanation and offer any needed product assistance.

"We will explain and demonstrate features and functions of their new BMW in a time frame and manner our customers prefer."

Every new car customer at BMW of Darien is invited to return to the store for a personalized tour of your new vehicle. To schedule your appointment with a BMW Product Genius please call 503-748-5400 or complete the form below.

Please RSVP by replying via the form on this page or by calling us directly at 888-993-0546 to schedule your ENCORE Client Care Experience with a BMW Genius or to get more information

Thank you for allowing us to help introduce you to the Ultimate Driving Experience!

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